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What is Will Pwn 4 Food

What is Will Pwn 4 Food

We make fast-action 3D games that you play here, right on our website, anytime, anywhere, for actual cash and prizes!

It goes like this: you are an awesome gamer, and you know you kick ass! You wish you could make a little money from your skills (for the payage of bills) , but you aren't quite sure where to do it. You don't want to setup some clan and arrange matches, you just want to plunk down at your machine and play when you feel like it.

You're used to hitting "search for game" and minutes later you are playing with no hassle! Well that's what we are helping you do! But for monies.

Sign up and play free matches until you get a hang of the game and are feeling confident enough to kick ass! Then start playing some real games for cash with the free credits you got for signing up! Our games are designed to be simple, yet fast-action and adrenline based experiences!

We want you to be able to live your dream and make some cash playing online games, just like your buddies who play poker do, but we're gonna let you do it in a legal fashion! (Not everywhere lets you do this legally, so please check out our terms & conditions to make sure that you're covered!)

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What is DodgeBots?!

Dodgebots is a fast-action 3D game that's akin to shooting fish in a barrel, the only problem is, you're the fish!

You and the other contestants are thrown into a circular arena and shot at by a turret up on the wall. There's nowhere to hide, but boy will you run! The last person left alive is the winner, and to the victor, the spoils! But don't worry, the top 5 players all get a cut of the prize, so you don't always have to be the best to come out with a pocket full of cash!

The turret is human controlled and has a bone to pick! He'll be delivering a nonstop fury of dodgeballs and timed bombs that'll keep you on your toes; the only weapon you have is your ninja like reflexes. Dodgebots aren't the highest tech robots, but they sure can dodge if you need them to, and that's all you've got.

To get started, simply join a game and you end up in a lobby. When the lobby fills (or if everyone votes to start), the game begins! before the game starts you have the opportunity to purchase up to 3 upgrades: speed, size, and dodge. Speed makes you a little bit faster than normal, while size makes you a little smaller than the average bot, and dodge makes your dodges fly a little further!

Your game is over once you get smashed by a dodgeball or caught in a bomb blast, however, just like in the arcade games of old, you have a few seconds to buy back in! Just plunk some more credits down, and bam, you are back in the action! But don't think it's that easy, you only get 5 lives and the more you die, the more costly it's gonna be, and you aren't gonna have much time to decide!

Rules of the Game!

So tell me about the money you say? Well, here's the skinny! While we offer several different game types, they all operate the same way! Up to 15 players join for Credits Icon 100 credits, which makes up the pot. You get 5 lives, and each time you want to resurrect it will cost you! The increments are Credits Icon 25, Credits Icon 50, Credits Icon 75, Credits Icon 100, Credits Icon 150.

80% of each resurrection goes to the pot, so the more that people come back, the bigger the stakes become! The top 5 players all split the pot in the following fashion:

  1. 50% of pot (up to Credits Icon 3150 in a 15 player game)
  2. 20% of pot (up to Credits Icon 1260 in a 15 player game)
  3. 15% of pot (up to Credits Icon 945 in a 15 player game)
  4. 10% of pot (up to Credits Icon 630 in a 15 player game)
  5. 5% of pot (up to Credits Icon 315 in a 15 player game)

But wait, what about those other game types? Well we actually have "Dollar games" and "Penny games" so you can choose your risk level! In the scenario above, we showed you some numbers based off of a $1 15 player game. If you wanted to play a penny game, the buy-in per player is only Credits Icon 25 credits ($0.25), and resurrection costs are as follows: Credits Icon 10, Credits Icon 15, Credits Icon 20, Credits Icon 25, Credits Icon 50.

While in all the examples above we used the Credits icon, you can substitute any of our other currencies in, which you'll read about below! All our games operate in the same manner though! Top 5 split the prize in that same breakdown, only 5 resurrections. The only thing that changes is the number of players, entry price and resurrection prices!

Slugs Credits

Credits, Slugs, Monies, Say What?!

At Will Pwn 4 Food we have a few different currencies, and they all live in their own wallets! Our two main currencies are Credits Credit Icon and Slugs Slug Icon But we have two other special currencies! Freeroll credits Credit Icon and Tournament credits Credit Icon. These are only used in Freeroll tournaments and Jackpot tournaments, respectively.

Credits Credit Icon are just like cash, penny per credit, easy to keep track of in your head, unlike most online currencies and systems. You can spend credits on anything and you can easily buy them from the bank! When you join a paid game, you pay an entry fee in credits, and all the players' entry fees make up the pot. When you win, you take the pot! We don't even take a cut of it! When you have at least $20 worth of credits in your account (2000 credits) you can cash them out for real money!

What about Slugs Slug Icon? Slugs are our free to play currency. They aren't worth real money, you can't cash them out, and you can't buy them, but you start with 2000 and can request more when you run out. Slugs operate exactly the same as credits, but they only work in free to play games!

Did someone say Freeroll Credit Icon?! Freeroll credits are used only in Freeroll tournaments, so when you compete, you don't count all the Credits you've earned in regular pay or bought with cash! (That wouldn't be fair!). Every time we start a new Freeroll tournament we reset your Freeroll wallet balance back to 2000! You want to build up your wallet as big as you can by the end of the tournament to rank in the top 30 and win a prize!

Let me guess how Tournament credits Credit Icon work... As you might have guessed, they are very similar to Freeroll credits, they are only used in Jackpot tournaments, but the difference is that for Jackpot tournaments you actually need to buy in first to get any! This means if you do a $10 or 1000 Credit buy in, we actually will just move those Credits to your Jackpot wallet, then for that tournament you play with those credits only. At the end of the Tournament, who ever has the highest number in their wallets rank in the top 30 and receive a prize! At the end of the tournament, we actually take all your leftover Tournament credits and move them back to your Credit wallet (that's cash, baby!).

Hold the phone! Does this legend never end!?

This is a $1 P2P free entry voucher Credit Icon! This only works in pay to play mode and in $1 games, but by using it, you don't have to pay the entry fee of 100 Credits!

This is a $1 P2P game free upgrade voucher Credit Icon! This only works in pay to play mode and in $1 games, but by using it, you don't have to pay for an upgrade that costs 25 Credits!

Shut Up and Take My Money!

Ok, sign up right now and then hit the bank and buy, buy, buy!

If you've read this far, you are probably getting pretty interested, potentially even pumped! So for you, here is a special code: IAMTHEPWNAGE

Use that code when you signup and get some bonus $1 P2P free entry vouchers Credit Icon!

So Good Luck and Pwn Hard!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me (Ivan the CEO) directly at Ivan@WillPwn4Food.com!